We are pioneers in developing Sustainable Homegrown Tech solutions for climate resilient building and green Rwanda.


We Are Pioneers In The World Of No Climate Change!

INNOVAHYPER Technologies is a green tech innovation company. From researchers to engineers we work together for Research and development of Sustainable home grown tech solutions to that we are proud of for the clients that we believe in. we are available for a wide range of sustainable Tech innovative solutions.

INNOVAHYPER Technologies: Pioneering Green Tech Innovation. Our team, comprising researchers and engineers, collaborates on the research and development of eco-friendly, locally developed technology solutions that we take pride in, and we stand by our valued clients. Explore our comprehensive range of sustainable technological innovations.”

Sustainable, Reliable & Affordable Solutions!

Providing Value To Our ClientsThrough Ongoing Product & Innovation.

While we focus on developing and designing green energy solutions, our extensive industry experience becomes a crucial asset. Our commitment to improving the yield and performance of sustainable products perfectly complements our expertise.

This means that in addition to crafting innovative green energy solutions, we also have the knowledge and resources to ensure the seamless integration of sustainable materials into every step of the process. 

Research and Development

Explore the forefront of innovation with our Research and Development services. We are dedicated to pushing boundaries..

IoT and Green Tech Solution

Our Solutions are designed to revolutionize, the way businesses operate towards a sustainable people, planet and profit.

tech Support & Maintenance

Our Tech Support & Maintenance service ensures that your technology investment remains in peak condition.

Green Tech Product Development

Turn your sustainable visions into reality with our Green Tech ProductDevelopment service.

Explore Our Home-Grown Eco-friendly Tech Solutions Today! For a sustainable tomorrow.

Green Tech Innovators Where Passion Meets Purpose to Drive Sustainable Tech Innovations


Electric Cement Concrete Mixer

This project centers on Creating a cost-effective, user-friendly, and environmentally sustainable concrete mixer

Eco-friendly Sand Sieving Machine

Efficiently Affordable Eco-Conscious Sand Sieving Machine for Construction that turns raw sand into premium-quality construction-grade material

Portable Hand washing Machine

The Portable Hand-washing Machine for Comprehensive Hygiene.

Building Tomorrow, Without Changing the Climate.

Our projects and solutions are making a global impact.

Our initiatives transcend borders, delivering transformative projects and solutions that touch lives across the globe. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, we’re dedicated to making a positive difference in communities worldwide.

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Explore Our Home-Grown Eco-friendly Tech Solutions Today! For a sustainable

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Green Tech Innovators Where Passion Meets Purpose to Drive Sustainable Tech

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